Kristina Cutie

Kristina Cutie Girl

Kristina Wedding OutFit

Kristina's Wedding Dress.

Kristina SweetyPrincess Is A Cheerful Happy Go Lucky Member Of The Lion Leaf Squad. She's in love with every Lion Leaf Squad Member. She adores every Lion Leaf Squad Member She Sees. Her Lion Leaf Squad Codename Is X333.3. She loves Rainbow Monkeys. She kisses Every Lion Leaf Squad Member on Their Cheek Because She Loves The Lion Leaf Squad Organization. X333.3 Mostly Spends Her Time Caring And Loving Every Lion Leaf Squad Member. In Amer's New Adventures, She Becomes Numbuh 478's Neighbour. On Amer's Adventures, She became a cutie and loveable happy go lucky romantic girl. her hairstyle is Just Like Numbuh 3 but its Pink and Brown. She's a fan of Numbuh 478. She's sweet and kind to every Lion Leaf Squad Membe

r. She sometimes would play A Game Called Marry A Lion Leaf Squad For Fun, Where she gets to Marry A Lion Leaf Squad Member For Fun. She gets to kiss and hug and care and tickle A Lion Leaf Squad Member She chose as her playful husband. Its very fun for all Lion Leaf Squad Members. Kristina Loves To Play That Game. She gets her chance to play around with The Lion Leaf Squad Members. She even played a game known as Tickle Lion Leaf Squad Where She Gets To Pick A Lion Leaf Squad Member To Tickle Repeatedly. She will tickle anyone who gets selected by pointing her finger at The Lion Leaf Squad Member. This Gives Her A Chance To Tickle The Lion Leaf Squad Member Selected Repeatedly. If she catches anyone sneaking behind her, she will tickle him/her repeatedly. X333.3 Loves Rainbow Monkeys. She sleeps with A Rainbow Monkey Every Night. Kristina's Wedding Outfit Is The Same As Azalean's Wedding Code That Says All KND Girls must wear a pink dress for wedding. not a pink date dress, but a pink wedding dress. Kristina's An Azalean Kids Next Door Girl. She's pretty sweet and adorable in her Wedding Dress with a pink bow on her head.

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