Numbuh 4 having confidence

Numbuh 4 Or WallabeeWally Beatles Is The Toughest Kid In Sector V. He's A Hand To Hand Combat Expert Who Can Really Pack A Punch! He's Always Ready For Action And Is Considered To Be The Bestest Toughest Member In Sector V. He May Be The Toughest Enforcerer On The Team,But He's Too Stupid In Mathematics. Numbuh 4 doesn't even know how to count very well. And He Can't Even Swim In The Water. Numbuh 4 is afraid of deep pools. Numbuh 4 has a very very big crush on his teammate,Numbuh 3 (Kuki Sanban) and he always goes with her anywhere she wants to go. Numbuh 5 Even Helped Numbuh 4 With His Homework. Numbuh 4's closest friend Is Numbuh 2 (Hoagie P.Gilligan) He gave Numbuh 478 a nougie as a sign of friendship between the two KND Operatives. Mess With Numbuh 4 And You are gonna get beaten up by him. Amer messed with Numbuh 4 once and got punched repeatedly on his back. Numbuh 4 even gave Numbuh 478 a repeated nougie. Numbuh 478 giggled excitedly.

Personality Edit

Numbuh 4 hates Rainbow Monkeys,including anything Girly. He Even Hates Little Girls. Numbuh 4 Maybe Mean, But Has A Soft Side. Numbuh 4 has a crush on Numbuh 3 (Kuki Sanban) Numbuh 4 even saves Numbuh 3 whenever she's in trouble. Numbuh 4 tries to tell Numbuh 3 but he's too shy. Numbuh 3 even hugs Numbuh 4 everytime. Numbuh 4 even welcomed Numbuh 478 into the Kids Next Door. Numbuh 4 gave Numbuh 478 a nougie

Numbuh 3 hugs Numbuh 478, Numbuh 2 shakes Numbuh 478's hand,Numbuh 1 saluted Numbuh 478 as a sign of his leadership. Numbuh 4 ultimately marries Numbuh 3 on Operation INTERVIEWS. Numbuh 3 as a Zombie, Kissed Numbuh 4 on his lips. Numbuh 4 even watched Numbuh 478 listening to Sarina Paris - Baby Look At Us. Numbuh 4 smiled at Numbuh 478 as he listened to the song. Numbuh 4 gave Numbuh 478 a nougie after the song ends. Numbuh 4 even plays around with Numbuh 478 by giving him a repeated nougie. Numbuh 4 even tickles Numbuh 478 whenever he's happy!

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