Numbuh 478's Ready For Action!

Numbuh 478 (Amer Azmi Rohazam) Is A Malaysian Asian Kids Next Door Operative Who's Ready For Action. Numbuh 478 Is The Leader And Head Of The Lion Leaf Squad Organization,A Super Supreme Top Secret Organization Under His Guidance And Leadership.Numbuh 478 Is Also The Head Of The Kids Next Door Recommissioning Squad. Numbuh 478 Loves Parties. He Goes To Parties All The Time. Numbuh 478 Loves Chocolate. He Eats Chocolate Everytime. Numbuh 478 Does Not Like Nuts. He Hates Nuts. He Loves To Eat Twisties,Cheezels,Mister Potato,Pringles (Used To Eat) And Cadbury Dairy Milk. Numbuh 478 Falls In Love With Numbuh 3. Numbuh 478 Enjoys Getting Kissed By Numbuh 3. Numbuh 478 Repeatedly Gets Kissed By Numbuh 3 Because She Loves Him.


Numbuh 478 hates CR-V. He Created The Electrical Capturer And He Built The Kids Next Door Recomissioning Chamber. Numbuh 478 Knows How To Control The Recomissioning Chamber. Numbuh 478 Ultimately Marries Numbuh 3 When Nearing The End Of Amer's Adventures: The Movie (The Final Battle) - Amer Vs K.Rool. Numbuh 478 Is Also The Mayor Of Azalea. He Keeps The Town Running Fit! He's Also A Squaiard Who Loves The Thunder King So Much And He Does Whatever The Thunder King Says. Numbuh 86 Has ReConstructed The Moonbase And Built A Speical Recomissioning Room. The Recomissioning Chamber Is Attached To 4 Giant Tubes By Numbuh 1,Numbuh 5,Numbuh 4 and Numbuh 86.

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