Numbuh 479 Is Numbuh 478's lucky friend and best Kids Next Door Operative in the world. She's got a crush on Amer Azmi Rohazam. She's always ready for action and adventure! She's a shy type, but always saves Amer Azmi Rohazam everytime! She is seen in Donkey Kong Country 4 - Kuki's Kong Quest as a KND Specialist in a rest area in level 2 called RestHouse Tanhouse and also appears In Amer's Adventures. She's a one type hit wonder girl hero who's always on the go. Numbuh 479 Is Also A Cheerful Happy Go Lucky Kids Next Door Opreative. Numbuh 479 Is Very Sweet And Beautiful. Numbuh 479 Loves Rainbow Monkeys. She Goes With Numbuh 478 And Numbuh 3 To Rainbow Monkey Island. Numbuh 479 Saves Numbuh 478 Even If She's Prety Shy. Numbuh 479 Understands Numbuh 478 even better than most Operatives.


Numbuh 479 and Numbuh 478 are like brother and sister, who care about and for each other. She's always smiling at Numbuh 478 whenever she likes. Numbuh 479 loves Donkey Kong Country, and in Amer's Adventures, she's got a crush on Amer Azmi Rohazam. She's a friend of Numbuh 478 kind, loyal, and sweet too. She cares for Numbuh 478 as a friend, loves him like a friend, and treats him as a friend. In Operation D.A.T.E, she danced with Amer Azmi Rohazam and on Operation G.E.T.T.E.R, she married Numbuh 787, because she loves him, but she still takes Amer Azmi Rohazam out on a date and she still treats Amer Azmi Rohazam as her lover. Yet, her personality is the hardest for Numbuh 276 to understand. like Numbuh 478 ,she loves Sarina Paris. In Amer's New Adventures, She's Still Got A Crush On Numbuh 478.

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