Numbuh Five's Ready For Action!

Numbuh 5 (Abigail Lincoln) Is the Slendered Kids Next Door Operative Who's Always Ready For Action. Numbuh 5's A 2nd In Command. She's Always Sweet and Loyal To Numbuh 478! She Hates Numbuh 2's Jokes. They're Not Funny To Her. Numbuh 5 has a crush on Numbuh 2. She Adores Numbuh 2 as well. She once Kicked Numbuh 4 For Saying Women She and Kuki both kicked Numbuh 4. Numbuh 6's Closest Friend Is Numbuh 3. She's Also Close Friends With Numbuh 362 As Well. Numbuh 5 Helps Numbuh 4 with His HomeWork. Numbuh 5 Is In Love With Numbuh 478. She Cares For Him. She Always Looks After Him Like He's Her Son. Numbuh 5 enjoys looking after Numbuh 478. He's a fun boy to play around with. He's Also A Fun Boy To Play With. Numbuh 5 Enjoys Looking After Numbuh 478. She has a total burden for him. Numbuh 5 kisses him and hugs him sometimes.


Numbuh 5 spends her time on her favorite chair While Keeping An Eye On Numbuh 478 When He Comes Into Her Room. Whenever He Causes Trouble,Numbuh 5 Scolds Him and Then Tells Numbuh 3 That He's Causing Trouble. Numbuh 5 Is In Love With Numbuh 2 and Numbuh 478. She hangs out with Numbuh 5 and Numbuh 2 all the time. Numbuh 5 Tickles Numbuh 478 everywhere except for his own bird. Numbuh 5 even sits on Numbuh 478 while watching TV. Numbuh 5 beats up Numbuh 2 with her hat because she hates Numbuh 2's Jokes. Numbuh 5 even beats up Numbuh 478 with her hat for the fun. Numbuh 5 enjoys beating up Numbuh 478 with her hat. Numbuh 5 watches Numbuh 3 And Numbuh 4's Wedding. She Kisses Numbuh 478 on his cheeks, his hand,his nose,his shoulder, his knee,his hips,his nose,his lips even the back of his ear repeatedly as a sign of love. She even hugs Numbuh 478 and She Squeezes Numbuh 478 behind him! She also gives Amer a nougie sometimes.

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