The Recommissioning Chamber Is A Special Giant Chamber That Is Used To Recommission Any Teenager Who Has Been Decommissioned In The Decommissioning Chamber. The Recommissioning Chamber Is Located In The Recommissioning Room. The Recommisisoning Chamber Is Attached To 4 Giant Long Pipes. Theese 4 Giant Long Pipes Are Connected To A Giant Machine Made By Numbuh 2 and Numbuh 86 Called The Control Machine. It Is Powered By Hamsters. This Machine Was Built And Invented By Numbuh 478. He Built It While He Was On Sector V. He Transported It To The MoonBase. Numbuh 362 Ordered All MoonBase Operatives To ReConstruct And Make A New Version Of The MoonBase With The Recommissioning Room Built. A Giant Crane Lifted The Recomissioning Chamber Into Its Place At The Middle Of The Recommissioning Room. Numbuh 478 went to sleep and smiled at the happiness of the Recommissioning Room. He Shut His Eyes And Went To Sleep. He Launched The Recommissioning Room Along The Launch Of The Recommissioning Chamber. The Recommissioning Chamber Is Ready To Use. Use The Recommissioning Chamber Wisely. And Line Up Before Using The Recommissioning Chamber. The Owner Of The Recommissioning Chamber Is Numbuh 478. The Head Of The Recommissioning Squad Is Numbuh 478.

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